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Posted: 2004/11月/06 2:13下午 | IP記錄 引用 coolbe

This service allows you to create 5 mailboxes, of up to 5MB each. It also enables you to set up your mail to be forwarded to a different email address. The service is limited to people resident in Belgium.

DOMAINS: @aggies.org
Free email forwarding for students and clubs, $5 a year for anyone else.

DOMAINS: @arrl.net
Free email for members of the American Radio Relay League (in a sense, it's not free, since you have to pay to be a member of the ARRL - but you might not know about this particular benefit of membership.)

DOMAINS: @bigfoot.com
Bigfoot allows you to forward emails to an existing account. The free service has a limit of 50 forwarded messages per day, and 3MB per message. BigFoot filters forwarded emails against several anti-spam blacklists. Note that by signing up for the free service, you're automatically opting in to receive marketing emails from Bigfoot partner companies. BigFoot also offers several paid service levels which add POP3/IMAP access and other features.

Bigfoot offers two premium service levels, from US$9.95 a quarter and up, that greatly increase the number of emails that can be forwarded each day, and that introduce additional features such as consolidation of multiple email accounts, email filtering and autoresponders.

DOMAINS: @bonnag.com
Free POP3, email forwarding and web-based email service with no preset quota. New user applications will generally be processed within 48 hours.

Service limited to people working in the broadcast industry

Service limited to Radio Ham. There is a limit of 10MB per forwarded message.

DOMAINS: @dragoncon.net
Free email service with an unpronounceable name (Dragon-star-con? Dragon-asterisk-con?), aimed at SciFi and fantasy fans. Part of the promotion effort surrounding Dragon*Con 1999. Once you sign up for their forwarding service, you can send mail via a form on the site.

DOMAINS: @aggies.com, army.com, bulldogs.com, deacons.com, devils.com, buffaloes.com and over 40 other team-related domains.
Straightforward free email forwarding service.

DOMAINS: @hotpop.com, @toughguy.net, @bonbon.net, @phreaker.net and others...
HotPop offers a combined POP3/forwarding and web-based email service. At the free level, HotPop includes 10MB of storage for email messages, and the ability to specify up to 3 destination addresses to forward messages to. There is a limit of 500KB per email, and 1,000 incoming email messages per day.

HotPop's service includes free outgoing SMTP, with a limit of 500 messages per day. The free service is supported by separate advertisements that HotPop distributes to user mailboxes on behalf of "selected" advertisers. HotPop also offers no less than 5 premium service tiers, which are ad-free and introduce higher limits on mail traffic and the size of individual messages, as well as other features.

Email forwarding service with 3+ email aliases. The free service is limited to a 30-day trial period.

Free service limited to 30+ days

Service provided to Licensed Amateur Radio Operators only

You must be a youth or adult member of the Scout Association in South Australia

You can get a free email forwarding address and free web space (up to 2MB) from this site, on the condition that you will host pages relating to skydiving. You must mail in a request to the contact address on the site in order to get set up.
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