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Posted: 2004/11月/06 2:04下午 | IP記錄 引用 qqooo

TheMail integrates a 3MB web-based email account with a calendar and address book, external POP3 email collection and an autoresponder. Outgoing messages are limited to 5MB or less per message.

DOMAINS: @tmicha.net
Free web-based and POP3 email service with 15MB of storage and various built-in anti-spam features, including the use of various blacklist services. You must log in at least once every 45 days to keep your account active.

The free version of Ureach's flagship uOrganize service, uOrganize Limited offers web-based email with 3MB of storage, account aggregation, an address book, a calendar and more. You can also choose to upgrade to the premium uOrganize service or to other service offerings.

Web-based email with 5MB storage per account. You can centralize your email by setting up UYMail to collect email from up to 5 existing POP3 email accounts. You can set up 3 separate signatures that you can choose to add automatically to outgoing mail. Two types of filters can be implemented: a blocked sender's list, which will filter email from specified senders straight to "trash" and up to a dozen filters that can be triggered by text in the "From:" and "Subject:" lines to file emails automatically into specific folders. There's an autoresponder function, various tags that can be used to colour and label email from specific senders, and and address book for personal and group contacts.

DOMAINS: @vfemail.net
Free email service with web-based access, POP3 and IMAP support, plus SMTP service for outgoing email. The storage and monthly bandwidth quotas are both fixed at 15MB for free users, though premium upgrades are available. Other features include built in virus scanning and spam protection, and an address book that will hold up to 100 entries.

Free email powered by CommTouch

Free email service with 5MB of storage, an address book, email filters, and support for external email retrieval from POP3 and IMAP accounts.

Integrated free email service with 5MB of storage space (and 25MB of bandwidth a month), shared between the email account and an online photo album and document storage facility. Service also includes an appointment calendar and contact manager. Accounts are free if the username is 10+ characters long; shorter usernames and upgraded features are available for a fee.

Free web-based email service in South Africa

Free email service with 5MB of storage space, multilingual interface, spellchecker, calendar and appointment scheduler tools.

Free email accounts with 4MB of storage and a limit of 2MB per message (unless you're sending to other X-Mail users, in which case the limit is 4MB). Other features include 4MB of free personal web space, a Contact Manager (with NetMeeting integration), a calendar, online bookmark manager, multi-lingual web interface and more.

Free email service limited to alumni of Xavier University. You must first register your alumni details, then apply for free email. For obvious reasons (i.e. I did not graduate from Xavier!) I don't have much information about this service.

Free web-based email service with a generous 100MB of storage, email collection from external POP3 accounts, virus scanning and anti-spam protection, a built-in file viewer to preview attachments without fully opening them, and new message notifications integrated with Yahoo! Messenger.

Free email with generous 100MB of storage space, anti-spam protection. You can open attachments that include audio and video clips, or scripts. Offers a built-in spellchecker. You can use your Yahoo! Mail login to access various games on Yahoo! You can also check an existing email account via Yahoo! Mail. You can also configure your outgoing email address.

Free email powered by Outblaze
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