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Posted: 2004/11月/06 2:03下午 | IP記錄 引用 qqooo

Web-based free email service with POP3 and IMAP access, as well as outgoing SMTP mail support. Comes with 20MB of storage space for emails.

Free email powered by Outblaze, with 3MB of storage and supports for attachments up to 2MB in size.

New Zealand-based free email service with POP3/web-based access and 10MB of storage space. Signup limited to those living in New Zealand.

Free email powered by Outblaze

Offers web-based and POP3 email with 10MB of storage space. Additional features include spellchecking, spam filters, attachments etc. You need a valid current email address to sign up. Accounts will generally be activated within 48 hours after new account requests have been manually verified.

Email accounts with 3MB of storage, anti-spam measures, external POP3 email collection, an address book and other features. Two enhanced premium service levels are also on offer.

Free email service with 3MB of storage and support for attachments up to 2MB in size, an autoresponder, calendar and contact book, plus various anti-spam measures. Incoming messages must be 2MB or less in order to be accepted.

Free email service with 5MB of storage space and an innovative windows-style interface for the latest browsers (various other interfaces into the service are available, including a simple interface for old web browsers and a basic interface for access via hand-held devices). Service includes a contact manager, a sophisticated search tool to let you locate specific emails, and the ability to block emails from certain senders.


Web-based email offered by a massive India-related English-language site. Their free service offers a very generous 1GB of email storage (individual messages can be up to 10MB in size) and support for 11 different Indian languages. A fee option is also available, giving access to further storage, POP3 and SMS support, and more.

Free email service with selective signup policy. Each application will be reviewed individually (this may take up to 2 weeks). The service itself comes with many extras, such as forwarding, vacation facility, address book and autoresponder services. You will need to send an email application to the webmaster, including details of why you want a free @romymichele.com email account...

DOMAINS: sacmail.com
Free webmail service with 15MB of storage and a 3.5MB transfer limit. Anti-virus filtering.

Free webmail service with 50MB of storage plus spam blocking and anti-virus protection. A premium service is also available offering more storage space and POP3 access.

Free web-based email service with a generous 20MB of storage. Features include an address book, folders, a calendar and notepad area, and built-in file storage (10MB quota and 8MB maximum file size). Shadango supports email collection from external POP3, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail accounts, AOL and Email.com accounts, and any IMAP-enabled account. Shadango also offers a "disposable email address" generator to protect your email from spam.

DOMAINS: @safe-mail.net
SAFe-mail offers a free email service with 3MB of storage space and powerful encryption that can be used to send highly secure email messages between any two SAFe-mail accounts. This secure email facility also protects the integrity of any email attachments. Features include IMAP/POP3 support as well as web-based access to email accounts and outgoing SMTP support, address books with secure sharing facility (to transmit address books between SAFe-mail users), folders and sub-folders for sorting email, secure message boards and online document storage space. Premium versions of the SAFe-mail service extend the available storage space.

Free email for Hogan's Heroes fans, powered by Everyone.net.

Free email powered by Outblaze
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