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Posted: 2004/11月/06 2:01下午 | IP記錄 引用 qqooo

DOMAINS: @emailaccount.com
Free email service with a memorable domain name, 6MB of storage, a fast and uncluttered web interface, the option to forward emails automatically to an external account, a sophisticated address book, email collection from external POP3 mailboxes, filters, an autoresponder, stationery, support for text/HTML format messages and multiple attachments, and more.

DOMAINS: @fastmail.ca
A Canadian service, and proud of it... Fastmail.ca offers email accounts with 4MB of storage, and 1MB outgoing and 512KB incoming message size limits. The service seems to live up to its name, as the site loads very rapidly. Premium accounts with an expanded feature set are also available.

DOMAINS: @fastmail.fm, @myfastmail.com, @fastemailer.com, @eml.cc, @letterbox.org and over 50 other domains
Rapidly-evolving email service with a raft of features, including a spellchecker, email autoformatting options, IMAP and web-based access and more. Offers 10MB of storage at the free level, plus a number of low-priced membership levels giving access to POP3/SMTP, more storage space and many other features. NOTE: Fastmail.fm's popularity with members of the Free Email Discussion Forums has lead to the creation of a Fastmail.fm-specific forum for support and other issues.

DOMAINS: @fastermail.com
Free email service powered by Outblaze.

DOMAINS: @flashmail.com
Free email service with 5MB of storage space, plus spam filtering.

DOMAINS: @gawab.com
Free web-based email service with 1,001MB of storage and support for 10MB attachments. The service is offered in 12 languages, and offers a choice of themes for your mailbox, message filtering, plus spam and virus protection.

DOMAINS: @go.com
Free email with an extremely easy-to-remember domain name, from Disney's Go portal. Each mailbox comes with 6MB of storage. The signup process is a bit involved as you are actually signing up for personalization, including free email. You need an email address to complete the signup process, and if you don't have one GO will let you register a free email address so that you can then finish the registration process... very weird.

DOMAINS: @graffiti.net
Free email service powered by Outblaze.

DOMAINS: @hotmail.com
As the granddaddy of free email services and the one that started the whole business, HotMail deserves a special nod for being first. But that was then and this is now - times have changed, and you get a mere 2MB of storage space for email. If you go over the 2MB storage limit, you receive a warning email indicating that in 5 days HotMail will delete some messages... Heed the warning! HotMail also implements various other service-limiting "features" at the free level, so read the Terms of Service carefully before signing up.

DOMAINS: @hushmail.com, @hush.com, @hush.ai
Are THEY watching you? HushMail provides the world's only 2048-bit secure encrypted free email service. You can use Hushmail as a normal free email service and send messages to anyone, but if you send messages to another HushMail user they are encrypted with a powerful cypher. As well as encryption, HushMail also offers folders and an address book. The free service offers 2MB of storage, and you can upgrade to 32MB, 64MB, 96MB or 128MB of storage space. Note that you must log into your free account at least once every 3 weeks to keep it activated.
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