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Posted: 2004/11月/06 2:00下午 | IP記錄 引用 qqooo

Free email service with the ability to specify signatures, a junk mail blocker, collection of email from existing external accounts, the ability to schedule emails for future delivery, 4 language interface (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese) and more.

AOL Webmail is a free service for AOL and Netscape users. It enables them to access their mail via any web browser, and to compose and send new messages without using the AOL connectivity software.

Free Australian web-based email service, powered by Everyone.net.

Free spam-protected email with 250MB of storage, webmail, POP3/IMAP access and outgoing SMTP. Bluebottle can be used to consolidate and spam-protect up to 3 external email accounts (including Hotmail accounts). One key feature of Bluebottle which makes it stand out from most email services is that it will only accept emails from trusted senders. Senders can be flagged as trusted manually inside the Bluebottle interface, or they can complete a verification step to prove that they are mailing from a real email address.

Free email powered by Outblaze

Free email, free webspace, chat, discussion boards and more on this youth-oriented site. Be prepared for a bit of a wait if you're on a dial-up connection...


Free email accounts with 3.5MB of storage. Note that accounts will be deactivated after 30 days of inactivity.


@animail.net, @moose-mail.com, @snail-mail.net, @whale-mail.com, @wildmail.com
Free web-based email service with 6MB of storage, spam filtering, spell checkers in 12 languages, a secure login option and more. In a novel and commendable twist, 5% of all revenue generated by the Care2 service will be donated to charity. You can also send free E-cards (including musical ones!), and you can schedule cards months in advance so that you never forget an important occasion.

Free web-based and POP3 email service with 100MB of storage and the ability to consolidate external AOL mail, POP3, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail accounts. Includes a challenge/response anti-spam system that requires senders to validate themselves unless they're on an "approved" list of people you will accept email from. Also incorporates a micro-payment system whereby you can set your price for "accepting" spam, and companies can pay to reach you so long as they are willing to meet your asking price.

Free email with 5MB of storage and the ability to check multiple accounts.

Free email service with 4MB of storage and a variety of features, including collection of mail from up to 5 external POP boxes, address books, filters, auto responders. The service provides auto notification of new messages via ICQ, pager and email.

Also offers free paging to notify you when you receive email, and you can retrieve your email via a free 800 telephone number. You can also build a free web page via an online interface. There's lots more stuff to do for free at this huge site. Note that CollegeClub membership is limited to college students.

Free email service with 10MB of storage space and a built-in Contact Manager.

Free email powered by Outblaze

Free email powered by Everyone.net

Free email service with a bilingual English/Arabic interface, built-in reminders, an address book, anti-spam filtering and the ability to collect email from external POP3 accounts.

Free email service with 2MB of storage space, an address book, email filters, a built-in spellchecker and the ability to retrieve email from external POP3 accounts. DonEasy's email service is part of an integrated suite of tools which also include a calendar, message boards, chat, a bookmark manager, diary and a notepad area for jotting down notes.

Free email for fans of Doraemon, powered by Outblaze.
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